Who We Are

Board of Directors

Gary King

Donna Pedace
Vice President
Rio Rancho

Richard D. Sandoval
Santa Fe

Jessie Groothuis MD

David Dodge
Immediate Past President
Santa Fe

Sara Armstrong
Past President

Bridget Condon
Santa Fe

Aaron Enloe
Santa Fe

Valerie Ingram
Santa Fe

Jerry Kamppi
Santa Fe

Barbara LaGree

Nora Miller
Santa Fe

Chuck Pacheco
Santa Fe

Jane Reid
Santa Fe

Carol Thompson
Santa Fe

Cathy Mogharreban

Kathy Schulz
Past President
Santa Fe

Executive Director
Carol Robertson Lopez
Santa Fe

About Us

Araya Girl

New Mexico Children’s Foundation is unique. It is a visionary, grassroots organization that funds small non-profit children’s organizations throughout New Mexico. A group can be a start-up with a strong mission or a growing organization with a special needs program. Organizations served through the foundation’s funding come in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. The foundation’s core belief is that most children have a wide range of under-served needs. The foundation’s goal is to provide meaningful grants to serve as many of those needs as possible.

  • The Children’s Foundation was founded in 1992 by former First Lady Alice King as a state-wide grant-making organization.
  • Since its beginning, it has provided more than $1,600,000 in funding to 165 non-profit organizations, in 25 communities throughout New Mexico.
  • 88% of all monies raised by the foundation is used for grants.
  • For the 2016/2017 funding period, the foundation awarded $52,000 impacting the lives of 19,060 children in New Mexico.
  • Organizations receiving grants are eligible to receive grants for three consecutive years.
  • Donors may designate their donations to a specific area of interest – arts, health, early childhood education, etc. Donors making an initial contribution of $3,000 or more may have a fund named after them or designate a fund name.

The New Mexico Children’s Foundation is a grant-making body with the mission of supporting programs and projects that serve the physical, mental, educational and social needs of children and their families. We provide donors with the opportunity to support the total needs of children. The Foundation strives to provide services all over the state of New Mexico giving its attention to the current and changing needs of children.

In 1992, New Mexico’s former First Lady, Alice King’s unfailing resolve to support and nurture the children of her state resulted in the creation of the New Mexico Children’s Foundation. Sharing her vision, citizens of New Mexico communities met to form an organization that would provide an appropriate vehicle for people across the state who want to help children reach their full potential.

The founders of NMCF envisioned a grant-making body that would fund children’s programs and projects. Today, a group of dedicated individuals are continuing the vision. By raising funds and distributing them wisely, a brighter future for many New Mexican children is being realized through the Foundation, the state’s only private grant-making group devoted exclusively to young people

The Board of Directors and loyal volunteers raise money for these grants in a variety of ways. Please click on our various fundraising event pages to see the details. The Foundation also provides a variety of membership opportunities for individuals, corporations, and groups who want to invest in New Mexico’s future by investing in the health and welfare of its children.